The Benefits of Professional Geophysical Consultants

Professional Geophysical Consultants

Many companies in the mineral and petroleum exploration industries already know the value of using professional geophysical consultants. These consultants specialize in selecting, planning, executing, and controlling the quality of comprehensive airborne geophysical surveys which provide essential data for the exploration project. This data is used to create geophysical maps of specific project areas, and then interpreted to significantly improve the overall success of the subsurface geological exploration activities.

High-Quality Data

Professional geophysical consultants typically have relationships and knowledge about specific airborne geophysical survey companies, their experience, types of aircraft and geophysical equipment used to acquire quality data. This geophysical data is then processed, analyzed and interpreted to extract details about the geological structures and lithologies present in the project area.
Each airborne geophysical survey type will have its own set of criteria necessary for a successful survey. All surveys require paying attention to important factors such as the speed of the aircraft and the proximity of the sensors to the ground.  Some surveys require paying attention to factors such as meteorological conditions and magnetic diurnal activity. Top professional geophysical consultants have the knowledge and experience to manage airborne geophysical surveys such as magnetics, radiometrics (gamma-ray spectrometry), electromagnetics, or gravimetric surveys. They will also be able to recommend which type of survey is best for the exploration of a particular mineral or petroleum deposit type.

Worldwide Survey Options

Top professional geophysical consultants do not limit the planning and execution of geophysical surveys to local areas. There have experience with companies and survey crews who will be able to carry out geophysical surveys in remote locations on every continent around the world. 


Specialists in Worldwide Airborne Geophysical Surveys


Terraquest was established in 1984 and since then, our dedicated team has flown over 1,500 airborne geophysical surveys using both fixed wing and helicopter platforms.  Our professional crews provide significant experience having carried out airborne magnetic, gravity, gamma ray spectrometry, and electromagnetics on five continents.  Our quality data sets have been utilized in the exploration for base and precious metals, kimberlite, hydrocarbons, uranium, rare earth minerals and water. The company has performed exemplary surveys for both small and large exploration groups as well as many government agencies.  References can be provided upon request.    Visit

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