The Benefits of Professional Geophysical Consultants

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Professional Geophysical Consultants

Many companies in the mining and mineral exploration industry already know the value of using professional geophysical consultants. These consultants specialize in selecting, planning and executing comprehensive airborne geophysical surveys which provide essential data about a region’s mineral composition. This data is used to create geological maps of specific areas, which significantly improve the overall success of mineral prospecting activities.

High-Quality Data

Professional geophysical consultants typically have relationships and knowledge about companies with various types of aircraft and data acquisition systems  which specialize in acquiring quality datasets from airborne geophysical surveys. High-quality data is used to create high-resolution maps of the survey area. These maps provide details about the types, and concentrations of minerals that are present under the subsurface.
Each airborne geophysical survey type will have its own set of criteria for a successful survey. All surveys require attention to important factors such as the speed of the aircraft and the proximity of the sensor to the ground.  Some surveys require attention to factors such as meteorological conditions and diurnal activity. Top professional geophysical consultants have the experience and relationships in the industry to recommend t surveys such as; magnetic, radiometric (gamma-ray spectrometry), electromagnetic, or gravimetric surveys. They will also be able to recommend different combinations of surveys to maximize the return of flight operations and get the highest levels of geophysical detail.

Worldwide Survey Options

Top professional geophysical consultants do not limit the planning and execution of geophysical surveys to local areas. There have experience with companies and survey crews who will be able to carry out geophysical surveys in remote locations on every continent around the world. 
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